Friday, July 17, 2020

Having Fun Researching

I've been having fun researching for my new work-in-progress. Research is one of my favorite parts of writing historical fiction. It's so exciting to uncover a new piece of history and I want to share what I've learned with anyone who will listen. Not all of what I research makes its way into my writing. In fact, only a small percentage does. I decided I need to share some of these great pieces here.

The link below is to a Denver 7 News channel clip, captioned, "On the outside, the house may look like any other historic home in the north Denver neighborhood, but inside, the secrets of a gangster's paradise are finally revealed. Jaclyn Allen reports.

If this is your first time back to this site in awhile, you are probably noticing some changes. Moonshine Murder is getting a new look, to be released next month along with the sequel, The Knock Over. Stay tuned for the launch date.


  1. This was a great article! So good to see you posting again. I look forward to the new Moonshine Murder!

  2. Great read - looking forward to more of your blogs and the new book. How can I be sure to get the blog notification?

    1. Thank you. To receive blog post notifications, please fill out the "Follow by Email" link to the right (you can only see this if viewing the blog on a desktop).