Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Moonshine Murder Slang Word Scavenger Hunt

During the 1920's, many people used coded words to represent illegal activities. Out of this new slang words were created.

Last week I did a slang word scavenger hunt with a classroom using my novel, Moonshine Murder. The students had a list of words they had to define based on the context of the sentence. We had so much fun with the activity, that I decided to share it here.

So here's the rules: Define the words listed below using the comment section of the blog. If you get them all correct, then your name will go in the drawing for a free autographed copy of Moonshine Murder. Be sure to share this link with any young adults you may know. This is a lot of fun and great education as well! The contest will stay open a full week, winner to be announced the following Wednesday, May 29th, during my usual post.

Good luck and have fun!

1. Moonshine
2. Coffin Varnish
3. Daddy
4. Screwy
5. Flat Tire
6. Speakeasy
7. Prohie
8. Dumb Dora
9. Baloney
10. Jalopy
11. Bearcat

Like the activity? View my website for the teacher / parent guide for Moonshine Murder. Tons of great activities for young adults!


  1. Here are my definitions:
    1. smuggled or illicitly distilled liquor
    2. inferior liquor
    3. the best moonshine also known as catdaddy. also a girl's boyfriend, especially if rich
    4. Crazy was used to tell a person to leave, you're screwy
    5. a bore
    6. a bar tha tsells illigal liquor
    7. a guy on probationary status, or a new guy
    8. a foolish, scatterbrained, or stupid woman
    9. nonsense
    10. a dumpy old car and old heap
    11. one who fights or acts with force a firey girl also lesser name for a panda

  2. 1. Illegal/prohibited liqour
    2. Illegal alcohol/best quality
    3. A person's boyfriend or someone who took care of the "girls"
    4. Crazy person
    5. Dull witted or boring
    6. An undercover place where illegal booze was sold.
    7. A new person on "the job"...they were on Probation
    8. Dizzy Dame - a woman who "acted foolishly"
    9. Something that was unbelievable - no one believed it.
    10. Car or old vehicle...
    11. A "feisty" person - someone with a temper.

    Great fun!!!! Not sure about all the answers though :)