Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Writing Inspirations

I checked on the bees today. The spring weather has had me itching for the smell of cut green grass and the zinging of bees.

As I popped the cover to my hive I ached with a great yearning for Granddaddy to be by my side. This was his hive and his knowledge. He gave this freely and with no strings attached. I smiled to myself as I imagined his smirk behind the bee veil as he told the story of the rogue bee caught in his suit.

I pulled out the first frame and checked the bees, greeting them as friends after a long absence. They scurried across the comb, protecting their queen and their honey stores.

As I placed the cover back on the hive body and began my treck from the bee yard, I couldn't help but think of inspiration.

(Another inspiration, my son Ethan playing beekeeper in my suit)

Most aspects of writing are earned from hard work--inspiration is a gift. This gift is what makes each writer genuine. No other person will experience life the same. Some inspirations come in the form of places, or experiences, or individuals.

Granddaddy was a source of inspiration in his love of books, his knowledge of the world around him, and kindness in the grip of his embrace.

(My Granddaddy, Walter Tycksen, and me getting ready to check the bees)

He shared much of his life with me. Including the whisper of a legend that is molding into my next novel.

What or who is your inspiration?


  1. Delightful, Erin! Reminds me of my Granddad who is one of my best inspirations--for love of life, care for Earth, pleasure in beauty, gentle humor, and strong hugs. I hope my writing and living honors his memory and his generous spirit that is always with me.

  2. Oh, I'm wondering about the whisper of a legend. Can't you go ahead and tell us now? :-) My brother's father-in-law was a longtime bee keeper. The night before he died, he talked to his daughter about the bees. Just remembering. At the cemetery, all gathered at the grave site and the minister preparing to speak,when a swarm up bees flew up out of the grass and up over the mourner's head and disappeared into the sky. "A flyover?" Gives me goosebumps just recalling it. I'm wondering are you worried about the die off of bees? Saw on the news, most think it's related to a certain chemical in something being sprayed on fields. It's being investigated, but they don't think there will be an answer for 5 years. That seems way too slow to me.

  3. Eunice,

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing the story of your brother's father-in-law. My Granddaddy was very close with his bees, and would have loved to hear this story.

    There have been larger losses in bees this year than most. I just received a research grant studying a method of keeping bees without any chemicals, 100% natural, and we were interviewed by our local paper. Here's the link: